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HVAC Measurement Solutions

Specified Solutions has teamed up with the leading designers and manufacturers of equipment, controls, and applications to provide unparalleled resources for managing your air flow and air control needs.

The sensing and control market is expanding rapidly as demands for improved indoor air quality, integrated building control systems, and energy efficient applications converge with more stringent green building mandates and attractive government incentives. Contractors, consulting engineers, and building owners are challenged to find economical and reliable solutions that help ensure their buildings operate as energy efficiently as possible without sacrificing occupant comfort, productivity or safety.

Specified Solutions provides innovative turn-key solutions, as well as custom designed applications and control packages to meet today’s challenges for building managers in Higher Education, Life Sciences, Commercial Offices, K - 12 Schools, Government facilities, Healthcare, and Public Assembly.

Our Services

Our Services


Specified Solutions’ Technical Services branch is designed to help our customers with the startup & commissioning of projects, troubleshooting, and product information needs. Our certified technicians will help answer any questions regarding product installation and product application, all with the intent to ensure 100% startup success.


Specified Solutions caries unique product lines that allow us to complete successful turn-key projects. We have completed laboratory controls upgrades with Phoenix Controls and air handling unit upgrades with our TAMCO damper line. Our turn-key solutions allow you to upgrade aspects of your system without needing to replace the system entirely - saving you money.


Since 2010, Specified Solutions has worked with Contractors, Engineers, and Owners to provide them with market-leading products to ensure customer satisfaction. Our product lines include airflow measuring stations, laboratory controls, water, steam, and gas measurement, aluminum dampers, and indoor air quality management systems.

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